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  1. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Feb 25, 2016


    Please be more careful about submissions. A lot of your recent submissions have been very low quality (full of JPEG artifacts i.e. have been saved at poor compression settings). Continuing to submit low quality images may result in you being restricted from uploading for a period of time.

    Really, be more careful with submitting stuff. The poor quality on the deleted ones is visible from a mile away.

  2. Masterchief80 May 05, 2015

    Thanks Khng for your favs on my Valkyrie Romanze scans.

  3. Anther Retired Moderator May 05, 2015

    khng, SECOND WARNING for submitting a scan ripped from Pixiv.

  4. Anther Retired Moderator Oct 27, 2014

    khng, FIRST WARNING for submitting a scan ripped from Pixiv.
    Your latest Norizou Type-r images were ripped from this artist's pixiv and website.

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